9 08 2010

Hello everyone.  So, I apologize immensely, but apparently my life is more hectic than I actually realized.  What was supposed to be a recipe a day is now quickly becoming a recipe a week.  That sucks!  However, this week has not left me much time to do proper cooking/baking in the kitchen.  A quick recap, my crafting group, the Cleveland Craft Coalition, had a show yesterday, so that ate up (no pun intended…) my entire day.  Thankfully we had a vegan BBQ, and I had copious amounts of delicious vegan goodness.  Menu: Tofurky brats, Yves “not dogs”, potato salad, macaroni salad, cucumber and tomato salad featuring the veggies from the lovely Kristen’s garden and lots and lots of Newman-O’s.  It was delicious!

For dinner my boyfriend (the best! but I think everybody thinks that about their BF) took me to Brown Bag Burger.  One of my favorite food joints.  I had the all veggie burger (made in-house) with onion straws, BBQ sauce, extra pickles, tomato and lettuce.  I know their are a million build your own burger places, but this place is #1 in my book.  Plus, they have killer fries.

I then went home, exhausted, and that was my day.  Today (Sunday), I had a Tofurky brat wrapped in a tortilla with mustard.  A veggie sub (sans cheese) from Subway and some spaghetti.

Nothing exciting.  But, as I’m typing this, I guess I am still conveying my message: it’s super easy to be vegan, you don’t always need a recipe and you can eat pretty much whatever you want.  Which I did this weekend.  As I type this I’m eating a homemade chocolate chip cookie the size of my head.

In addition to the BBQ/Craft show yesterday, I’ve had to work all week, make awesome sock creatures (www.zombiesocks.etsy.com), take my pup to the vet, get my hair cut, go grocery shopping, help my friend out at the office and I’m working on ripping all of my cd’s to my computer so I can get rid of them.  Thanks for reading this!





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