16 08 2010

Okay, so I realize this has nothing to do with food.  Well it does, but its not pictures of delicious food, or recipes or what not.  But anyway…. I’m 25 years old.  I live in the upstairs apartment of a duplex with my boyfriend and our 2 dogs.  Its a 2 bedroom.  We both have our own cars we make payments on.  I have student loans.  I have car insurance.  I have rent and utilities.  I also have a cell phone and a credit card I am paying down and haven’t used in almost a year.   I am vegan – which, according to some, is an expensive diet.  I work at a used book store making $8.82 an hour.  My point?  I eat well, I pay my bills ON TIME, I have a savings account, I have a fully furnished apartment with anything I could possibly need to survive.  I don’t complain about never having money.  Why?  Because I live WITHIN MY MEANS.  I recycle.  That means reusing, shopping at thrift stores, utilizing and craigslist.  I check out garage sales and flea markets.  I learned how to sew so I could fix up the little hole in my jeans.  I got creative with my clothes and found I enjoy the thrift store more.  I learned to cook so I could prepare food at home, using fresh and bulk ingredients -which is not only much better for me, but also much more cost effective.  I pay for everything in cash.  I put money away every month so I have savings – that way when the shit hits the fan I’m not f*cked.  I swap clothing, books, CD’s, baked goodies, movies, etc.. with friends.  We got neflix and the internet so we always have something to watch.  I utilize the library, CSA’s and farmer’s market.  I have a garden in my backyard.  I hang my clothes up to dry outside.  I could keep going, but my point is, I’ve made adjustments in my life and I’m doing OK.  Jason and I went on a 14 day road trip through New England in April.  Guess what?  It was paid for in cash.  I’m paying off my debt, putting money away and not going with out.  And you know the most amazing part?  You can do it too!

I’m tired of hearing people complain about being broke all the time – while they smoke a cigarette, downing their Monster energy drink and a bag of chips they got at the gas station because they needed breakfast.  Or that they have credit collectors calling them, freak out because they can’t pay the bills, but then stop at Starbucks on their way to work everyday.  Don’t tell me you can’t get a job.  You can.  There are jobs out there, you just don’t want to work for $7.5 an hour at McDonalds.  Or WalMart.  Or the gas station.  Or even at a factory making $10 an hour.  You want the $20 an hour job you used to have.  You’d rather me keep paying your unemployment, making $8.82 an hour because your to proud to accept anything less than $15/hour.  Well F*CK YOU.  If I can do it, and I’m happy with what I am doing, then so can you.




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