I’m Beside Myself!

16 10 2010

I came home from work last night with only one thing on my mind – TOFU!  I was going to make garlic bread, and some pan seared tofu with garlic, basil and olive oil tossed with some pasta – some nice starchy carbs for a cool autumn evening.  I turned on the oven, got the water boiling, heated up the oil and tossed in the tofu.  And then my stove died.  Yes.  You read that right, the stove died.  Nothing.  The water never boiled, the tofu barely got warm – thankfully the oven heated up enough to make the garlic bread edible.  Jason came into the kitchen and decided to check and make sure our gas was still on making a joke about not paying the utilities.  He comes back from the bathroom declaring we still had hot water.  I then informed him we had an electric stove….  Hopefully we can get this matter up resolved quickly.  Tonight we are ordering Chinese food.  Tomorrow we are pulling an all nighter at the Capitol Theater participating in the 12 Hours of Terror (10pm – 10am).  Thankfully I’ve got my copy of In the Garden of Vegan which has an entire chapter on college dorm room cooking – which considering all we’ve got is a microwave, a George Foreman Grill, a rice cooker and a toaster, we’ll be making full use of that.

In the meantime, shameless self promotion!  I’m going to show you a few of the pieces I’ve been working on for the upcoming Halloween show next weekend.  Enjoy!




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