All is Right With the World.

20 10 2010

So, yesterday we got our stove fixed!  Thank Goddess!  It appears I tripped the fuse… Hmmm…., while I’m thrilled beyond words that my stove is back and functional and I can resume preparing delisciousness in my kitchen, it saddens me that my oven/house finds the oven and 2 burners running at the same time to much to handle.  Last night I made fried green tomatoes, pan seared seitan and mashed potatoes.  I had to do everything in shifts for fear of tripping the circuit again.  Of course, it wasn’t until after I had wiped my plate clean did I remember to take photos – at which time there was no point.  I swear I’ll get better at this….

In other news, my wonderful friend Willow bought me a gift certificate to Cinnaholic!  A vegan cinnamon roll shop out of Berkley, CA.  I can’t wait to use it!  If you have a minute and even if you don’t, find time! – check out their website I have no idea what I want to order, the possibilities are mind blowing!




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