21 12 2010

I never use OMG.  I’m never really at a loss for words.  However, today my friend Jenn gave me my solstice gift/bonus for my work at EOT this year.  It was  a bag of wheat hulls.  I was confused.  She then informed me that I could turn those into whole wheat flour using my brand new VITAMIX!!!!!!  I just sat there, stunned.  I’ve wanted one for EVER.  They can do pretty much anything any vegan/vegetarian/raw foodie/anybody who likes to eat would want.  Soy Milk?  Done.  Almond butter?  done.  bread?  done.  OMG.  Seriously.  Oh.  And I forgot.  Not only did I get a VITAMIX, but I also got the dry blade attachment.  Which is essentially its own blender.  So I have one blender to make wet stuff and one to make dry stuff.  That’s how fancy this thing is.  It also required me to completely rearrange my kitchen.  Jason and I decided we need a new house.  You know its a heavy duty appliance when it prompts you to buy a new home.



New Zombies!

17 12 2010

I’ve got a few new zombies up on the site!


The Beginning of a New Decade

1 12 2010

Jason informed me the other day that we are going to be entering a new decade.  I never thought about that until he said something.  I mentioned it to a few people and most found it depressing.  Why?  I think its great we’ve made it through this decade. I can’t speak for anybody but myself, but I’ve accomplished a lot.  I graduated from high school and from college – I received my B.S. in Biology.  I was published in a scientific journal.  I started an organization for local artists and crafters.  I started making and selling my own art.  I moved out on my own.  I have a full time job.  I bought a car.  I traveled to Salem, MA; Twice!  I met and started dating my boyfriend of almost 3 years, Jason.  However, my parents got divorced and I haven’t talked to my father (or that side of the family, really) since.  My mother remarried and moved an hour away.  My great grandmother passed away.  My cousin got engaged.  My friend Ashley got engaged.  My friend Kate had a baby.  Wow, as I’m typing this out I’m realizing how much shit really happens in 10 years.  And I know I haven’t even really covered everything.  I lost my virginity in there somewhere too…. got totally wasted for the first time.  Had the cops called to a party I was throwing because we were to loud.  I went vegan.  Jeez…. What did you do in the last ten years?