21 12 2010

I never use OMG.  I’m never really at a loss for words.  However, today my friend Jenn gave me my solstice gift/bonus for my work at EOT this year.  It was  a bag of wheat hulls.  I was confused.  She then informed me that I could turn those into whole wheat flour using my brand new VITAMIX!!!!!!  I just sat there, stunned.  I’ve wanted one for EVER.  They can do pretty much anything any vegan/vegetarian/raw foodie/anybody who likes to eat would want.  Soy Milk?  Done.  Almond butter?  done.  bread?  done.  OMG.  Seriously.  Oh.  And I forgot.  Not only did I get a VITAMIX, but I also got the dry blade attachment.  Which is essentially its own blender.  So I have one blender to make wet stuff and one to make dry stuff.  That’s how fancy this thing is.  It also required me to completely rearrange my kitchen.  Jason and I decided we need a new house.  You know its a heavy duty appliance when it prompts you to buy a new home.





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