ZombieSocks/Cleveland Craft Coalition

ZombieSocks is what I call myself and my work.  I like to make fun things out of socks.  I started out making them a few years ago because I wanted to do something nice for my friends and family for the holidays, but having just moved out on my own, money was VERY limited.  So I found Sarah Kramer’s book La Dolce Vegan and there was a lovely pattern in the back for making sock monkeys!  Voila!  Perfect gift!  Flash forward 3 years and I’ve got my own etsy page, I’m currently featured in an all plush exhibition at SPACES gallery, I’m in Proximity Gallery, Salty not Sweet Boutique and the Cleveland Craft Coalition’s Handmade Holiday Shoppe.  Which brings me around to the CCC.  That is a group myself and 3 other lovely ladies started in January of 2010.  Our hope was to fill a vacant crafting niche in the Cleveland area and give local up and coming artists a chance to show their work.  We now host monthly craft shows, have our own shoppe and have a million things in the works for 2011.  Keep checking back for updates on what ZombieSocks and the CCC are doing!  And don’t forget to friend us on FaceBook!


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